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These are links to useful information and recent reports relevant to the
field of early care and education in California's cities and counties.
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City and County Child Care Coordinators -- Contact Information:
Click here to download a list (PDF) of California city and county child care coordinators. These cities and counties have child care administrators apart from those coordinating the state-mandated Local Child Care Planning Councils.


Electronic Resources:
Go Here for information (PDF) related to child care from e-mail newsletters and listserves, websites and organizations, in addition to information on grant requests.


"Childcare 101"
What is child care? What kind of child care facilities are there? How do government agencies relate? How are child care operators licensed and regulated? Click here to download "Childcare 101" -- a presentation for use by child care coordinators. It is available in both Powerpoint and PDF formats.


Child Care Acronyms
The child care coordinator's life is full of acronyms. We have them in a comprehensive list: from A to W.
Click here to download the PDF.


Health and Safety -- Family Child Care Homes
An annotated excerpt from the California Health and Safety Code
Section 1597.30-1597.621 is available on a PDF file. Click here to download.




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