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Susy Marron

Susy Marron

Child Care Planning Council
Sonoma County


Susy Marron
Child Care Planning Council
Sonoma County Office of Education
5340 Skylane Blvd.
Santa Rosa, CA 95043

Phone: (707) 524-2639
FAX: (707) 524-2666

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The Coordinator is responsible to plan, organize and administer the programs and activities of the Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County (CCPC) in meeting the mandates set forth in the Education Code; to develop and provide leadership to countywide initiatives related to early care and education, including promoting community education and involvement in early care and education; to collect analyze and disseminate date; to direct and supervise professional and clerical staff; to develop and administer program budget(s); and to perform other duties as required.

Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County:

The mission of the Child Care Planning Council of Sonoma County is to convene and inspire the community through collaboration, leadership and advocacy to promote and plan for quality child care and development for the benefit of all children (birth to 18), their families and Sonoma County.

The Council's 3-year goals are:
1. Education and Awareness
A. Internal
• Support CCPC member knowledge and awareness of current issues in ECE
B. External
• Develop community recognition and awareness of the value of children, families and the services that support them.
• Increase recognition of the value of early care and education, ECE teachers/providers and the community benefits of high quality ECE.
• Improve and develop partnerships to support children and families.
2. Advocacy - Funding & Infrastructure
A. Advocate for funding to sustain and increase quality early care and education programs
B. Shape the development and sustainability of an integrated, diverse, effective, efficient and responsive ECE system
C. Improve and develop systems to support children and families.
3. Best Practices in Child Care and Development
A. Provide and facilitate ECE collaboration, leadership and planning
B. Provide incentives and support for ECE Workforce professional development
C. Provide ECE Quality Improvement assessment services


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