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Dezerie Martinez

San Diego County
Child Care & Development Planning Council


Dezerie Martinez
Coordinator, Child Care & Development Planning Council
Program Specialist, Early Education Programs & Services
San Diego County Office of Education
6401 Linda Vista Road, Room 315
San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 858-571-7204

Fax: 858-569-3727

Cell Phone: 951-442-4484




Under the direction of the Senior Director, Early Education Services, coordinates and oversees the communications, meetings, partnerships, mandates, strategic plans and information in support of the Local Child Care and Development Planning Council (LPC).

Provide overall coordination and oversight of the LPC projects.

Coordinate the implementation of the strategic plan of the LPC; assist the Council members in achieving goals and objectives as set forth in the strategic plan.

Facilitate and implement activities of the LPC. Ensure that activities fall within the mandates of the LPC legislation.

Manage existing contracts, subcontracts, and grants; assist in the writing of proposals; write a variety of Council-directed reports.

Develop and maintain program budget; develop revenue and expenditure reports.

Assign, train, supervise and evaluate the performance of project staff.

Participate as a team member in the development, writing, and presentation of training materials and planning activities necessary to meet project objectives.

Serve as liaison between the County Office of Education, LPC, Board of Supervisors and other agencies, including school districts and individual school sites and local early care and education programs/agencies.

Serve as a resource to members of the Council and other public agencies involved with child care initiatives.

Present at conferences on topics of relevance to early care and education providers and attend meetings as requested.


The San Diego County Child Care and Development Planning Council has identified four priority areas and outcome goals in their 2006-2011 Strategic Plan:

1. Parent Involvement
To enhance capacity of parents to make child care choices that best meet the needs of their families.

2. Improve the Quality of Child Care
To support the development and availability of high quality child care throughout San Diego County.

3. Community Involvement
To build community knowledge of and support for high quality child care throughout San Diego County.

4. Planning council Accountability
To operate in a manner that facilitates the participation of Planning council members and the accomplishment of the Strategic Plan.



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