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Membership in the Association is open to coordinators of local child care planning councils (LPCs) and to city and county child care coordinators. LPCs are funded by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division and are mandated by the Education Code to undertake planning tasks, such as needs assessments. City and county coordinators are funded by their jurisdictions to address local child care issues. Their roles and responsibilities vary.

This page of members are shown alphabetically.
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Roseann Andrus - Orange County

Judi Andersen -- Humboldt County

Kristen Anderson -- Redwood City

Christy Avera -- Colusa County

Becky Billing -- Napa County

Elizabeth Blakemore -- El Dorado County

Kendra Bobsin -- San Benito County

Raechelle Bowlay-Sutton -- San Luis Obispo County

Estella Briceno -- Riverside County

Paula Brown Almond -- Tehama County

Melissa Ballard -- Shasta County

Queenie Barnard -- Mono County

Anne Broussard -- Orange County

Tammy Burns -- Kern County

Tonya Byers -- Sutter & Yuba County

Je Ton Carey -- Napa County

Colleen Campbell -- Lake County

Ronica Cervantes -- Riverside County

Amber Chambers -- Mariposa County

Deborah Clark-Crews -- Riverside County

Jennifer Comiskey - Trinity County

Nirmala Dillman -- San Mateo County

Graham Dobson -- San Francisco City & County

Erin Dobyns -- Alpine County

Cyndy Dolph -- Madera County

Rossnina Dort -- Nevada County

Sara Downard -- Inyo County

Ericka O. Erickson - Marin County

Ruth Fernandez -- Contra Costa County

De Funk -- Modoc County

Melissa Ferguson -- Del Norte County

Sara Downard -- Inyo County

Mandy Friel -- Ventura County

Carol Galginaitis - Monterey County

Michael Garcia -- Santa Clara County

Angie Garling -- Alameda County

Alicia Gilliam -- Sunnyvale (City)

Kelly Graesch -- Calaveras County

Suzan Greenwood -- Tuolumne County

Linnea Hathaway -- Sacramento County

Heather Haubrich -- Stanislaus County

Phadie Irons -- Glenn County

Susan Jeong -- Contra Costa County

Nadirah Jones -- Solano County

Sue Kinney -- Inyo County

Kristin Kontilis -- Sacramento County

Jane Lonsberry -- Tehama County

Brenda Lory -- Plumas County

Cathy Long -- San Joaquin County

Beth Main -- Modoc County

Dezerie Martinez -- San Diego County

Shelly Mascari -- Lake County

Susy Marron -- Sonoma County

Michelle Masner -- San Bernardino County

Rea McFadden -- Shasta County

Catherine McKay -- Mendocino County

Teia Miller -- Colusa County

Eileen Monahan -- Santa Barbara County (1st 5)

Carrie Murphy -- Ventura County

Gail Nadal -- Yolo County

Tina Najarian -- Madera County

Trisha Nash -- Orange County

Diane Munoz -- Santa Cruz County

Laurie Ramirez -- Monterey County

Melissa Rojas -- Lassen County

Anne Rosenthol -- Mendocino County

Kathie Resendez -- San Bernardino County

Lori Riggs -- Imperial County

Darcy Roenspie -- Placer County

Melissa Rojas -- Lassen County

Jameth Rojas -- Monterey County

Esther Rubio -- Monterey County

Michele Sartell -- Los Angeles County

Cathy Scott -- Siskiyou County

Heather Senske -- Butte County

Julia Sierk - Amador County

Matilda Soria -- Fresno County

Joyce Stone -- Santa Barbara County

Traci Stubbler -- City of Irvine

Samantha Terry -- Tulare County

Samantha Thompson -- Merced County

Tony Tyson -- City & County of San Francisco

Rebecca Villa -- Kings County

Minka van der Zwaag -- Palo Alto (City)

Marcia Westbrook -- Nevada County

LaWanda Wesley -- Alameda County

Robyn Wisdom -- Mono County

Mary Wright -- Sierra County

Vivian Yacopi -- Imperial County


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