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The California Child Care Coordinators Association monitors state legislation that affects our state's children and families.

Child Development Legislation Update

The California Legislature is in session and the weekly legislative summary is back !!

To download the list of bills that the early child development community is watching as of October 17, 2017 (PDF) Click Here. A new session of the legislature began this week.

This summary is distributed by the California Child Development Administrators Association;
Modified with Permission from the County of Los Angeles Child Care Planning Committee and Policy Roundtable for Child Care Joint Committee on Legislation.


For more details on any bill listed on the matrix, visit the California Legislative Information website, at


Links to legislative updates noting Governor’s actions with hyperlinks to messages on selected bills are available on his website at

Go here for the 2015 California Legislative Calendar (PDF).

Public Policy Platform

Each year at the association's annual training conference, the CCCCA creates a public policy platform that is used throughout the year.
Click here to download the current document for printing (PDF).

California Child Care Coordinators Association

2016-17 Public Policy Platform

Approved by the Membership September 29, 2016

The California Child Care Coordinators Association (CCCCA) is committed to the best outcomes for, and overall well-being of children from birth to 13 years old and their families by ensuring that all families have access to high quality early care and education programs that include:

• Developmentally appropriate curriculum
• Inclusive environments conducive to learning and development
• Family engagement and partnership
• Meaningful connections to comprehensive services
• Cultural and linguistic appropriateness and embrace of diversity
• Early identification and intervention processes
• Continuous quality improvement
• Access to a strong statewide infrastructure and local coordination of services

In order to create and support a quality early care and education system, CCCCA advocates for the following issues:

A robust licensing system to ensure that children are cared for in safe and healthy environments. CCCCA supports proposals that:
• Build a sufficiently funded, appropriately staffed, and supportive Community Care Licensing system that supports prospective and operating early care and education programs
• Make available technical assistance and resources to existing and potential licensed programs and providers that support quality
• Ensure annual inspections of licensed centers and family child care homes

A highly qualified workforce responsible for the care and education of our diverse populations of children that engages parents as partners in their children’s optimal growth and development. CCCCA supports proposals that:
• Recruit, retain and support a diverse, well-trained, well-educated, well-compensated early care and education professional workforce
• Establish compensation levels correlated with high educational attainment and experience
• Create access to high quality, coordinated educational and professional development systems that address cultural, linguistic, and literacy needs on a continuum from entry-level through degree attainment
• Provide ongoing professional development opportunities, including coaching and mentoring

Investments and strategies that increase the availability, accessibility and affordability of high quality early care and education services for all children. CCCCA supports proposals that:

• Ensure a diverse delivery system, inclusive of funding to all types of legal entities in both the public and private sectors.


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